Web Yolk Cafe

A sister company to Linxdesign, the concept was to design and build a website offering web packages at budget prices. The client can add to their plan through a simple cafe like menu system.

Based on a Cafe menu, The Web Yolk Cafe was a concept born out of identifying a niche market for the smaller business who wanted to get online but couldn't afford an all singing and all dancing website. The Web Yolk Cafe offers the smaller business a chance to get online for a one off payment of £500 plus the VAT. We also gave three months SEO and submissions. The idea was to sell the concept through other print and media outlets.

Web Yolk Cafe had a need for the following...
Brand Identity
Bespoke Newsletter System
SEO and Submissions
Email and Hosting
Design for Print
Social Media

Testimonial - "A successful project, which is still running along side Linxdesign today, helping smaller businesses get on to the online ladder. A great concept and well thought out business idea. The Web Yolk Cafe has helped a number of businesses since its inception in 2012." - Web Yolk Cafe - Web Yolk Cafe