Wild Oyster

Wild Oyster is a community focused organisation that works alongside women and organisations to unblock potential and create opportunities in all areas of life. A new website was needed to show the areas in which Wild Oyster work but also had to be visually engaging to the end user.

Grey, teal and cerise were the colours used for the site and the branding, which also made the final website design brighter on screen. The site had to be interactive and professional in its look, but have a friendly interface. The three areas of the business, housing, community and consultancy needed to be represented with three different logos emphasising, caring, strength, value, housing, community and professional.

Wild Oyster had a need for the following...
Brand Identity
SEO and Submissions
Design for Print

Testimonial - "Great guys to work with, thanks for all your help with my logo, website and promotional material. The way in which you talked things through to help me understand was just brilliant. I can't thank you enough for all of the time and effort that you put in, helping me get my business off the ground, I really appreciate it." - Jane Strand - Wild Oyster